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Roseville Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Getting a divorce? Trial may not be necessary!

Dissolution of marriage can be a very long and difficult process. There are many issues that must be resolved, terms that must be agreed upon, and decisions that need to be made. If you are facing divorce, then it is important for your future that you have skilled representation on your side. Without legal assistance, you could end up with highly undesirable circumstances and arrangements for your future.

Not all divorces require a heated courtroom battle. If you are facing an uncontested divorce in which you and your spouse agree on each of the various terms of your dissolution of marriage, then you may benefit from the option of divorce mediation.

Divorce Mediation vs. Collaborative Law

In mediation, you and your spouspe will choose a neutral, third-party mediator to guide you in coming to your own divorce agreement. You will not have to go to court unless you reach a disagreement in any area. Divorce mediation can help you pursue a favorable outcome and can also speed up the process a great deal, since you will not have to argue your case in court or fight over each little facet of your divorce.

Another option for uncontested divorce is collaborative divorce. During this process, you and your spouse retain separate legal counsel and once again meet outside of the courtroom to work out your own settlement. In each of these cases, should you complete your divorce agreement, you will only need to go to court to present your agreement to a judge so that he or she may enter your divorce decree and finalize the matter.

Premiere Family Law Representation in Roseville, CA

Even if you and your spouse are able to agree on all of the terms of your divorce, it is important for you to retain skillful representation in your case. There are some cases in which one spouse will try to hide the value of certain assets or try to hide finances in a secret bank account. If this happens to you, then you could be left with unfair circumstances and arrangements for your future. We can provide you with the legal assistance that you need in order to pursue a favorable outcome in your case.

We are advocates for our clients and we are dedicated to excellent representation. We work to inform and educate our clients of the various issues and investigations or evaluations involved in their divorce process. We do this so that you may make an educated decision regarding the future, and then we work to aggressively defend your rights. Seek the representation of our Roseville divorce attorney in your case today!

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