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  • How to Help Your Children Through Your Divorce

    || 29-Nov-2013

    A divorce can be a challenging thing to deal with at the time. It can be especially hard for a child who does not yet understand why it is happening. While divorce can be hard at first, in the end, many families are able to see the benefits. Parents may be able to raise their children in an environment that is healthier. While the two parents are no longer a couple, they are able to function more ...
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  • What to Include in Parenting Plans

    || 26-Nov-2013

    If you and your spouse are going through a divorce and determining how to divide child custody, you will want to know how to go about developing a parenting plan. These plans may also be referred to as a custody and visitation agreement and they will focus on two aspects: How the parents will go about making decisions for the child in regards to education, health and welfare. What the schedule for ...
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  • What are Community Property & Quasi-Community Property?

    || 31-Oct-2013

    When dividing up property for a divorce in California, community property will need to be assessed. What is community property? Simply put, it is anything that both spouses or domestic partners own together. It is what was bought or received during the time of the marriage or partnership, but items that were received by one of the parties as a gift or inheritance are excluded. What Does ...
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  • Tips for Not Letting a Divorce Ruin Your Life

    || 30-Oct-2013

    Are you and your spouse considering the option of divorce? You may be hesitant to move forward with filing and feel as though your life is over. For many people, a divorce can mean a new beginning. It can be a positive change through which you move onto the next phase of life. It is sometimes a necessary change when the marriage is no longer healthy for you or your children. Read some tips below ...
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  • Statute of Limitations for an Annulment

    || 29-Oct-2013

    For those who are seeking the possibility of an annulment, it is important to understand that time is of the essence. There is a limit on when you can seek this possibility and failing to adhere to it may leave you with only the options of divorce or a legal separation. The deadline for filing this lawsuit is referred to as the statute of limitations. An annulment can be simpler than a divorce in ...
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  • Steps of a Divorce

    || 5-Sep-2013

    When you and your spouse determine that it is time to end the marriage, the first step will be determining what type of divorce you want to pursue. You may be able to work together through an uncontested divorce or mediation, or you may have trouble seeing eye to eye and may choose a contested divorce. This will be important in defining the future of the divorce and what it may look like. You will ...
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  • Real Estate in a Divorce

    || 8-Jul-2013

    A divorce will influence many areas of your life and this can include real estate. What happens to the house? Who gets the vacation home? How do you and your spouse determine who pays for what while the divorce continues? There will likely be many questions that you have and the speaking with an attorney early on and working with them throughout the process can provide needed guidance. We ...
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  • How to Modify Child Support

    || 1-Jul-2013

    After you have gone through a divorce, or if you were unmarried but you have a child with a former partner, then you can be in a position where you are either paying child support or you are receiving it. Either way, the time may come where it is necessary for an adjustment to be made. Either party can seek a change in payments, but the final decision will be up to the court. For former couples ...
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  • How Custody is Determined, and Why You Need an Attorney on Your Side

    || 26-Jun-2013

    When a married couple with children makes the very difficult decision to legally separate or get divorced, there are numerous factors which must be considered. One of the most important decisions a couple will have to make concerns the welfare and well-being of their children. In the state of California, the courts will look at a number of details when they are making their decision about how ...
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  • What Is a Parenting Plan?

    || 24-Jun-2013

    If you and your former partner are going through a divorce and are determining how to divide up the time of caring for your child then you will need to develop a parenting plan or a custody and visitation agreement. This agreement is written out, detailing two main concerns, time-sharing and decision making. This is the amount of time that the child will spend with each party and what their roles ...
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  • Preparing to File for Divorce

    || 13-Mar-2013

    Are you and your spouse no longer on the same page? Have you both grown in different directions and it's time to move forward. When people change or if the relationship was never the best to begin with, it might be time to move on and allow yourself the chance at a better future. Before doing so, there are some things that you should do. First is making sure that a divorce is really what you ...
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  • Causes for an Annulment

    || 6-Mar-2013

    Sometimes it is not until a couple ties the knot that they realize their differences and decide that the relationship should end. They may seek a divorce which will legally terminate the marriage in the eyes of the law. Other times, with the right reasons, an annulment may be pursued. This means that the marriage was never valid so instead of ending it, they are declaring it as invalid. It is ...
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  • The Impact of The Internet on Divorce

    || 1-Mar-2013

    More and more, the uses of social media are implementing their way into all areas of life. This is now true of divorce cases and social media can infiltrate into these instances in a number of ways. One of the ways that it has been noted to have an influence is through causing old flames to reconnect or for new relationships to be formed. With the wide amount of contact and the easy ability to get ...
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  • How to Gain a Modification

    || 6-Feb-2013

    Often times, once a divorce has been ended and the terms are set, the situation that was present at the time of the case is very different years later. While the circumstances that decided the terms were relevant, they now no longer fit the current regulations. A change may be sought and this should always be done through the court. Modifications are the legal change, by order of the court, to ...
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