Can I Modify My Divorce Order?

Understanding Court Order Modifications in California

Just because a judge was the one who issued your court order does not mean that it is permanent. Divorce orders, whether custody orders or support orders, can be modified if you have experienced a change in circumstance and can prove it in court. The Law Offices of Frank F. Ali can help you take the necessary steps to get your court order modified if your circumstances have changed in a way that makes it impossible for you to comply with the order.

Move-away cases are a prime example of a person's need for a divorce order modification. If you are being transferred to a different county or state; have been offered a job in a distant city; or are looking to move a far distance for family or career opportunities, then a family law judge may choose to modify visitation and custody orders so that you can relocate with your child. Moving far away with your child without modifying your custody or visitation could cause you to violate the other parent's rights and damage your own legal rights.

Child support and spousal support orders can also be modified if your financial circumstances have changed. Perhaps you have lost your job, or you have suffered serious injury or have fallen ill so that you cannot work. If you are unable to work or are making less than before, then you could request to have your support order modified so that you are not required to pay as much support.

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