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How Is California Child Support Calculated?

Establishing Child Custody Fairly

If you have been through the process of divorce, or if you have a child out of wedlock, and you have not been granted child custody rights, then you may be required to make child support payments. These are designed to supplement the custodial parent's income and to help cover various costs of provision for your child.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

1. Imputed Income

If the custodial parent is voluntarily and without just cause unemployed or underemployed, then the court may impute income to them for the purpose of calculating child support payments. This is so that you are not left with 100% support responsibility of your child. Sadly, there are cases in which the custodial parent will refuse promotions, pay raises, and even employment so that they receive more money, but imputed income is designed to prevent this kind of manipulation.

2. Reimbursement of Unreimbursed Health Care Expenses

When your child has medical work done and your spouse's insurance does not cover the expenses or is not reimbursed for the health care expenses, then he or she may ask you to pay or reimburse them. It is important to know that you can sometimes challenge the necessity of the health care and, if successful, then you may not be required to reimburse the custodial parent.

3. Child Care

If you are not granted custody rights and the custodial parent has child care or daycare expenses, then you may be required to reimburse them for these costs. These costs can arise due to the custodial parent's work schedule or for other reasons. If you wish to challenge the necessity of these costs, then a judge may make the ultimate decision regarding whether or not you must pay.

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