How Is Child Support Calculated in CA?

Helping Clients in Roseville Understand California Family Code § 4050

Every state has its own set of guidelines for calculating child support. California's child support guidelines are found in California Family Code § 4050. California family courts use a set mathematical formula to calculate child support so that it is as fair as possible based upon the incomes of both parents and the approximate amounts of time that each parent will spend with their child. The formula is as follows:

CS = K [HN = (H%) (TN)]

  • CS = Child Support Amount
  • K = Amount of both parents' income to be allocated for child support
  • HN = High earner's net monthly disposable income
  • H% = Approximate percentage of time that the high earner has or will have primary physical responsibility for the children compared to the other parent
  • TN = Total net monthly disposable income of both parties

Hire Our Family Lawyer to Get a Fair Child Support Order

Just because the court uses a mathematical formula to calculate child support does not mean that it is foolproof. Each parent's "monthly disposable income" must be determined, which involves deducting your living expenses (rent, utilities, gasoline, food, etc.) from your net monthly income. The definition of "living expenses" can get complicated. You need an experienced Roseville divorce lawyer on your side to ensure that a fair amount of child support is ordered for your case.

The Law Offices of Frank F. Ali can assist you in obtaining a child support order that is in your child's best interests and your own. Attorney Ali focuses his practice on family law cases, including divorce, child custody, and child support.

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