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There are many couples who choose to go through the divorce process to find relief from unwanted circumstances and to pursue a brighter future. If you wish to pursue divorce but your spouse does not want to, or if you and your spouse are unable to agree on the various terms of your divorce, then you are going through a contested divorce process. Contested cases must go to trial, which means that you need a lawyer who can handle themselves before a family law judge.

Contested Divorce: Overview

Any divorce that involves dispute or disagreement in any area must be taken to court and is therefore a contested divorce. Most people try to avoid divorce litigation whenever possible because it takes longer and costs more than collaborative divorce or divorce mediation. Contested divorce involves court fees, lengthy trials, and waiting on court schedules. When an uncontested divorce is not possible, however, divorce litigation is necessary in order to get the results that you need.

Attorney Frank F. Ali: Familiar with Local Family Courts

The Law Offices of Frank F. Ali offers a Roseville divorce lawyer who is experienced at trial and who is personally familiar with the local family courts. Attorney Ali can fight for the best outcome in each area of your divorce trial, including:

Facing contested divorce can be very difficult as you may have to aggressively fight to obtain the outcome that you need. When you and your spouse are unable to agree on a term of your divorce, then you could experience stress and uncertainty regarding the future.

Fighting for custody of your child in particular can be one of the most emotionally traumatic experiences you will ever go through. Legal representation can help to fight for your goals and defend your rights in court. You need to partner with a Roseville family law attorney to get through this process.

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Contested divorce can be an extremely difficult process. We are dedicated to excellent representation, so you can be sure that we will pursue your goals aggressively if you choose to work with us. There are some elements that you may be able to compromise on in order to make a deal for a better outcome in other areas. We can help you through this process and we can work with you to pursue the best possible outcome. We understand that your future could be drastically altered and we are here to help you pursue a brighter future.

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