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Divorce can often be a long and difficult process, and there are many various issues that must be resolved. One of the many – and probably one of the most difficult facets of divorce - is the issue of asset and debt division. If you are going through the divorce process, then you will need legal assistance on your side in order to aggressively address the various issues that will arise. The following are some common issues pertaining to asset and debt division that a Roseville divorce attorney can assist with:

Business Valuation in California

When going through divorce, you may be required to liquidate assets or reimburse your ex-spouse for assets that you wish to keep. When a business is involved in this, you must go through the process of evaluating the business for the purpose of asset division. If your spouse has known about the divorce for a time and has run down the value of the business, then seek legal representation to pursue recompense and correct valuation of this business.

Property Division

California is a community-property state, which means that all property incurred after the marriage began will be evenly distributed at the dissolution of marriage.

Division of California Retirement Plans

There are many different kinds of retirement plans, and there are different laws that apply to each type. If you have a retirement plan, and if your retirement is coming up, but you are going through divorce, then you need legal representation to assist with determining the various issues surrounding division of your retirement savings. It is important that you retain a Roseville family law attorney who can answer your questions and provide you with the information that you need.

High-Net-Worth Divorce

If you have a high net worth and you are facing divorce, then you need legal representation on your side to fight for your rights and protect your assets. If you do not have skilled assistance on your side, then you could face highly undesirable circumstances for your future.

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If you are facing dissolution of your marriage, then you will need to go through the process of asset and debt division. It is important that you retain legal assistance in any divorce scenario so that you may have your questions answered prior to legal proceedings and your rights defended in court.

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