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What Is a Parenting Plan?


If you and your former partner are going through a divorce and are determining how to divide up the time of caring for your child then you will need to develop a parenting plan or a custody and visitation agreement. This agreement is written out, detailing two main concerns, time-sharing and decision making. This is the amount of time that the child will spend with each party and what their roles will be in the decision making process regarding the child's education and welfare.

A parenting plan allows you and your former partner to work together so that the process can potentially go smoother. Since you will have to work together in the future the court likes to see that you are able to develop this structure together. A plan can help to avoid conflict since there is greater communication up front. You and the other parent have guidelines that you can refer to and there is a better understanding of what is expected on both sides. It also allows for you to give your input rather than having the case solely left up to the court. The court will need to review the parenting plan but if it seems fair and you and the other party are able to agree then it is more likely that it will be approved.

A plan should be developed with the interests of the child as the main focus. The court is always trying to look out for the good of the child in these cases and a parenting plan should reflect that. The court prefers to have both parents involved in the life of a child if that is possible. Times should be consistent so that the child's schedule is more reliable. For a better understanding of how to develop a plan that may be approved by the court, work with our Roseville divorce lawyer.