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Causes for an Annulment


Sometimes it is not until a couple ties the knot that they realize their differences and decide that the relationship should end. They may seek a divorce which will legally terminate the marriage in the eyes of the law. Other times, with the right reasons, an annulment may be pursued. This means that the marriage was never valid so instead of ending it, they are declaring it as invalid. It is often an easier process if it can be done than going through a divorce. There are a number of reasons that this may be pursued instead of a divorce, including for those that would prefer not to have a title of divorce on the relationship.

An annulment can be pursued in certain situations. One is when a relationship is incestuous and the two are connected through a close blood relationship. Since it is against the law to marry a close relative, this will invalidate the marriage. Other times are when the relationship is bigamous, in which there are multiple partners. These two options will mean the marriage was never real to begin with but in other cases the marriage or partnership can be changed to the title of invalid and this includes the following. It may be when one of the parties under the age of 18 at the time.

For those that are of unsound mind when they married and did not fully understand it, they can also seek this option. If there is a prior relationship in which the spouse or partner was gone or believed to be deceased, but then turns up, the marriage may also be annulled. Further reasons include if a case of fraud was present and a critical detail was left out that could influence the relationship. If one of the parties has a physical incapacity and the two are unable to consummate the marriage, then it may be declared invalid. This is also true if a party enters into the relationship through the use of force.

An annulment is not always a simple thing to gain and it is best to work with a professional that can accurately assess and present the case, or determine if it better to move forward with a divorce. The outcome will not be dependent on the length of the marriage and even those that have been in the relationship for a limited period of time may receive one. There is a statute of limitations for filing and each will be dependent on the specific reason for the annulment. An example of this is filing within four years after discovering some form of fraud in the relationship. For capable legal aid with your case, speak with a Roseville divorce attorney from the Law Offices of Frank F. Ali.