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Steps of a Divorce


When you and your spouse determine that it is time to end the marriage, the first step will be determining what type of divorce you want to pursue. You may be able to work together through an uncontested divorce or mediation, or you may have trouble seeing eye to eye and may choose a contested divorce. This will be important in defining the future of the divorce and what it may look like.

You will then want to make sure that you file in the correct jurisdiction and this will often be the county that you live in. Important decisions will need to be made, such as child custody, spousal support and property division. California is a community property state so assets will be divided evenly for the most part, though there are items that may be excluded. Some couples are able to work together to come to a decision on alimony, child support or child custody. Other times it is necessary that the court steps in and gives a ruling. Whether it is through the courts ruling or through a couple working together to find a solution, the terms of the divorce will need to be established and once finalized they are binding. If a change should be made at a later time then a modification can be sought.

When filing for divorce it is important to seek the representation of a Roseville divorce lawyer, even if you are ending your marriage with mediation. In all situations a lawyer can be extremely beneficial, allowing for a smoother process, taking all aspects into consideration and raising concerns you may not have thought of. An attorney can help make sure that timelines are followed so that the process can potentially be shorter. Through their services they may be able to increase the final outcome that you receive, gaining a solution that works for you now and in the future.

At the Law Offices of Frank F. Ali, our attorney has experience and drive to find solutions in all types of circumstances. Our team works hard and this has allowed us to provide our clients with much needed outcomes. While there are a number of complicated steps in the divorce process, working with the right attorney can provide relief, guidance and solutions. This can be an emotional time and you don't want to be left focusing on the legal aspects when you already have enough to deal with. A lawyer can take the reins, providing support until the finalization of the divorce. Our firm is here to help. Call today for step by step guidance in your case.