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Support for Same-Sex Marriage Ruling in Decline, According to Recent Polls


Several recent polls indicate that Americans overall may be withdrawing their support from the United States Supreme Court's June 26th ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. Weeks and months before the decision, surveys indicated that the majority did in fact support the idea of legalized same-sex marriages. Some reports even put the estimation close to 60%. Data collected in the past couple of weeks, however, tell a different story.

The Drop and Its Likely Source

One of the first news sources to conduct their own poll to gauge current support of the ruling was the Associated Press. The results of their online survey conducted between July 9th and July 13th that included just over 1,000 adult Americans suggested a serious plummet of approval. With a margin of error of around 3%, the data, which was extrapolated to the entire population, puts only 42% of people in favor of the Supreme Court's actions. The same poll listed only 40% against it, which is very close to the same amount who opposed it in the past.

The numbers indicate that many supporters have since withdrawn their voices from the scene and now consider themselves undecided on the issue. It could be that once politicians and parties started voicing their concern over how the ruling could potentially be seen as a violation of state rights and religious freedoms, people in support of the decision found the need to reevaluate their own opinions.

More Changes Ahead?

The Supreme Court's ruling and the laws it affected are still young. Even in light of the additional polls that are starting to surface now, it is highly unlikely that the ruling will face any serious change because of them. If anything, people who oppose the decision will be able to use the information to further bolster their claims.

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